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by Asheya on December 6, 2010

Mothers of Change had a board meeting last week via teleconference (yay for awesome women who live across Canada!). We discussed this and that about where Mothers of Change is at, what activities we are working on, and what we need to do in the near future.

I thought it would be useful to share this with you, and to invite you into membership with us, so that we can be a stronger organization representing your voices.

So, here’s what we’ve been working on to date:

  • publishing the blog: there never seems to be enough time for everyone to write the blog posts they want to write! What with our families and our jobs and the other parts of our lives, we are all just busy mamas! But we are each going to try to write at least one blog post a month, to keep spreading education and passion about birth. We would love to have more guest posts from our readers, including your birth stories!
  • creating a logo: thanks to our volunteer, Emili, we are very close to having a logo for Mothers of Change.
  • creating posters to spread awareness of Mothers of Change: we are only as strong as our membership, so we need to let women know we exist! We have come up with some text for posters, and plan to distribute them via email to midwives across the country. We are hoping midwives will post them in their offices. The graphic design of the black and white posters is still underway. If you have somewhere you could put a poster, please let me know and I will send them to you. Email me at info (at) mothersofchange (dot) com.
  • press release: we are in the process of preparing a press release to be sent to all the major newspapers in Canada. Thanks to Briana for her help, and to Karla who will be translating the press release into French.
  • applying for non-profit incorporation and charitable status: we just about have all our applications together, and a big thank you goes out to Jennifer for providing legal expertise on our by-laws. We intend for Mothers of Change to live beyond those of us who are starting it, so we want to set the organization up properly. We also hope that obtaining charitable status will help us to get more funding, which will enable us to do more of our activities to ensure mother friendly care across Canada!

Here’s what we have planned in the near future (if you can help, that would be great!)

To spread awareness of Mothers of Change and expand our membership:

  • information exchanges with doulas and childbirth educators: women need to know we exist to participate in Mothers of Change, and doulas and childbirth educators tend to know a lot of pregnant women. We are hoping to be able to provide on our website a list of doulas and childbirth educators who support Mothers of Change, and these doulas and childbirth educators will provide a link to Mothers of Change on their website and distribute printed information to their clients about our organization.
  • link exchanges with businesses: We are hoping to spread awareness of Mothers of Change through asking businesses that have the same values as Mothers of Change to put a link to us on their website, and we will put a link to them on ours (i.e. cloth diapers, organic baby clothing, wooden toys, etc.).
  • post on Facebook: each of us board members is going to make a point of highlighting the Mothers of Change blog posts in our own facebook profile, so our friends can see what is going on. We are also going to post about Mothers of Change in Facebook groups and pages that have a birth or breastfeeding focus.
  • business cards: we are going to get business cards printed for Mothers of Change so that we have something to give to people when we tell them about our organization. If you would like business cards to distribute, please let me know. There will be a minimal cost for shipping.
  • contests and give-aways: We plan to offer members-only contests and give aways, to encourage those of you who are lurking to add your voice to ours through official membership. These will be open to supporting and voting members alike (supporting membership is free; voting membership is $24 a year).

And, to enhance our current blog content:

  • webisodes: we’ll start recording videos of ourselves talking about various birth related matters, eventually put together some birth videos, and create an educational video-based addition to the blog, posted on YouTube and on our blog.
  • E-books: to provide educational content in a book format which some people prefer, and to help with fundraising, we will look into publishing short E-books, and charging about $4 – $5 per book.

Let us know if you have any ideas, or if you can participate in some of these ideas. And please send me an email if you would like to be a member!
info (at) mothersofchange (dot) com

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