Sunday Surf: February 2012

by Asheya on February 19, 2012

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Surf!  Enjoy linkups to this week’s most interesting articles, posts, and discussions about pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.  Feel free to link up articles you found interesting that we missed!  Happy surfing from Mothers of Change…

Mama Birth wrote an excellent article about the connection between how we birth, and how breastfeeding works.  Natural birth sets both the woman and the baby up for a smooth transition to breastfeeding in something Kathy Lindstrom, Doula and childbirth educator in BC, calls “The Circle of Birth.”  Natural birth is not a guarantee of breastfeeding successfully, but it does increase our chances.  Read 8 Ways Natural Birth is Good for Breastfeeding.

We have had a bit of a run for our placenta themed posts lately, learning about the job of the placenta, and options for what to do with it after the birth!  Job Description: Mommy has an article that addresses the job of the placenta, treatment of the placenta, and cultural reactions to the placenta, including Facebook’s recent trend of banning photographs of placentas and reprimanding those who post them.  What’s up, Facebook?  Sheesh.  Read The Perfect Placenta (and enjoy some gorgeous photos!)…

Speaking of Facebook and its bans (which are still happening since the nurse-in on February 6th), here is a link to the petition letter asking Facebook to stop removing breastfeeding photos and support pages.  Visit the link and add your voice to the campaign! 

Speaking of supporting breastfeeding; PhD in Parenting hosted a guest post recently which details why it is so offensive that Facebook pays theoretical lip service to support for breastfeeding women and yet deletes their photographs, and why it is important that we see and support public breastfeeding on Facebook and in daily life.  We are not all comfortable nursing in public but more of us would be if it were viewed as normal behaviour by society at large.  Why SEEING Breastfeeding On Facebook and in Real Life is Important.  Written by Emma Kwasnica.

Mama is…Comic has a short piece all parents can relate to on sleep!  The Fibonacci Sleep Spiral.

Finally, one of our followers shared with us a beautiful story of milksharing in Regina and Montreal.  This is the story of a little guy named Linus with the sweetest smile ever, and his community of milk donors and kick pants momma who fought hard to give him the milk he needed.  This blog is unique in that there are two contributors: the donor milk recipients, Linus and Becky, and one of their main milk donors, Kim.  Enjoy!

Happy Sunday Surf

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