Sunday Surf: March 11th 2012

by Asheya on March 11, 2012

We have missed a few weeks of Sunday Surf, but we are back!  Enjoy this week’s best of the ‘net for birth and breastfeeding.  Leave your own links in our comments!
Welcome to this week’s Sunday Surf!  Enjoy linkups to this week’s most interesting articles, posts, and discussions about pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.  Feel free to link up articles you found interesting that we missed!  Happy surfing from Mothers of Change…

Post Partum Progress published a post about Developing depression after weaning from breastfeeding
There is research into higher depression rates amongst women who do not breastfeed, but little on depression and anxiety rates when weaning.  This post links to one woman’s story, and discusses this important topic.

On the topic of mental health, post partum depression is serious business and can develop into post partum psychosis if left untreated or unrecognized.  One woman’s story:  The Devil Was After My Child.  Know the signs and symptoms!  Recognition and treatment of mental health disorders saves lives.

In breastfeeding news, a new, small study from the United Arab Emirates University confirms that breastfeeding is protective against childhood leukemia, and shows that breastfeeding beyond six months offers a statistically significant greater protection than breastfeeding six months or less.  Thus, prolonged breastfeeding protects against childhood leukemia.

This beautiful post on La Leche League Canada’s blog discusses What Babies Know About Breastfeeding, a quick look at the remarkable innate knowledge babies are born with, and how it helps them breastfeed.

Birthing Beautiful Ideas blog has a review of the author’s experience of encapsulating her placenta; for anyone looking for more information or other womens’ experiences on this topic: Six Weeks of Placenta Pills: What’s My Take on It?

The same blog has a beautiful VBAC story and a wonderful example of informed choice and advocating for yourself when you disagree with a care giver’s recommendation for your birth.  My VBAC Story is beautiful.  Go VBAC mommas!

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