Sunday Surf: March 25th, 2012

by Asheya on March 25, 2012

 Welcome to this week’s Sunday Surf!  Enjoy linkups to this week’s most interesting articles, posts, and discussions about pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.  Feel free to link up articles you found interesting that we missed!  Happy surfing from Mothers of Change…

Postpartum Progress, a web based resource for families coping with postpartum mood disorders writes  6 Things You Should Avoid if You Have PPD.  Avoiding certain situations or visual triggers can help mitigate the worst symptoms of PPD and keep women on the road to balance, wholeness, and health.

Birth Belongs to Mamas shared a post titled  Birth Belongs to Mamas: Period, on unassisted childbirth, and women’s rights.  This is an important topic.  If women are truly autonomous this means supporting their right to choose things even if they are outside our radar or beyond what we consider positive.  Autonomy is autonomy, rights are rights, and they have no footnotes and no exceptions.

Men experience Postpartum Depression too: Emergency C-Sections, Incubators, and Hospital Protocol: Men Experience Birth Trauma Too
Often overlooked in postpartum mental health awareness, parents who did not actually deliver the baby are susceptible to post partum mood disorders as well.  Partners and fathers can feel tremendously disempowered and emotionally unbalanced during this large life transition.

A Cesarean is not a mother’s failure: Cesarean Scar Picture With Baby

Rachel from Lautaret Bohemiet took part in the Natural Parent’s Network blog carnival on Special Needs, and her post Raising a Babe With IUGR is profoundly moving.  For any family whose baby winds up needing special care or admission to the NICU, the experience is a mixture of grief and gratitude.  Learning to advocate for your baby and bond with him or her while s/he is in the NICU is no small feat. 

Finally for this week’s Sunday Surf, Kelly Mom offers Frequently Asked Questions about Milk Production


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