Sunday Surf April 15th, 2012

by Asheya on April 15, 2012

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Surf!  Enjoy linkups to this week’s most interesting articles, posts, and discussions about pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.  Feel free to link up articles you found interesting that we missed!  Happy surfing from Mothers of Change… 

Infertility: Dealing With Infertility-They Said What?  A post by Arpita M. on Job Description: Mommy, exploring the sensitive side of dealing with infertility and social myths surrounding this painful issue.

11 Breastfeeding ‘Side Effects’ No One Told You About by the Stir.  Sweet post!

Cord Around the Neck–What Parents and Practitioners Should Know, some evidence on nuchal cord management.  Incidences of babies being born with the cord around their neck are quite common and not in fact dangerous.  Actually, the cord being around the neck means it is not in a position to be pinched or compressed!  Most wraps are relatively loose and resolve easily with gentle attention by the midwife or doctor.

An incredible story of  A Painless Birth, on Mama Birth

Confessions of a High-heel Wearing Hippie Mommy shares her VBAC story: a twin vaginal VBAC birth!   Go momma!  Women are heroes.

PhD in Parenting wrote an excellent post asking, Is 6 Months of Exclusive Breastfeeding Unrealistic?  Feeding our babies is a topic with tons of potential for emotions to run high, and breastfeeding can be a hot button topic.  This post examines the science behind the recommendation, our reaction to it, and a bit of her own personal breastfeeding journey.  An excellent look at the topic of breastfeeding duration and that ‘exclusive’ component.

And finally, Science and Sensibility looked at what research has to say about managing pain in labour in their comprehensive post, Pain Management for Women in Labor: A Research Review.

Happy reading!

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