World Milksharing Week 2012

by Asheya on September 24, 2012

This week is World Milksharing Week!  Celebrate the age old tradition of milk sharing and communities drawing together to provide milk for their youngest members.  There are a number of events planned for this week around the world; if you would like more information on events in your area check out the World Milksharing site’s events page.  To learn more about the miracle of milksharing, read stories of donors and recipients, and discover what is so important about human milksharing, visit the World Milksharing site.

One of the week’s events kicked off yesterday, with a huge flash mob in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia!


Visit the World Milksharing Week Facebook page, follow them on Twitter @WMilksharingW and help spread awareness and support for milksharing around the globe.  Let’s get human milk inside those human babies, worldwide!!

Sharing milk, nurturing community.  World Milksharing Week 2012.

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