What We Do

by Asheya

Current Activities:

~ A quiz and choose your own adventure story on the topic of episiotomy. This is a pilot project, and we will use women’s comments to refine these activities.  To take the quiz, please use this link: http://3985036.polldaddy.com/s/episiotomyquiz

~We currently operate a dynamic and active facebook page, including our main page, Mothers of Change, and our secondary pages, Mothers of Change~British Columbia, Mothers of Change ~ AlbertaMothers of Change~Saskatchewan, Mothers of Change ~ Ontario, I Had a VBAC in Canada, I Had a Home Birth in Canada, and No Infant Formula Ads on Facebook.

~We also have a twitter account, @mothersofchange which includes links to our favorite articles, pages, and web resources as well as our blog, and interacts with a large number of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding twitter resources on a daily basis.

~We write a blog, MothersofChange (dot) com, which shares birth and breastfeeding stories, links to pertinent research, articles on topics of interest, and photos.

~Mothers of Change operates chapters across Canada, which hold monthly meetings for networking, sharing stories, and furthering the activities, vision, and expansion of Mothers of Change on a national scale.

~We participated in the Virtual International Day of the Midwife conference 2012, presenting as a consumer advocacy group for maternity care, the joys and challenges of starting a grassroots not for profit organization, and our vision for the future of maternity care in Canada

~We advocate on behalf of individual cases that come to our attention, and which could benefit from a consumer advocate voice.  We have written letters and held rallies on behalf of women desiring to give birth at home attended by registered midwives after having previously given birth by cesarean section (HBAC), to raise awareness of the potential for emotional trauma during birth and of cases involving obstetric violence towards birthing women, and to raise awareness of other pertinent birth and breastfeeding issues across Canada.

~We are partnering with Vancouver Birth Trauma to raise awareness of the health ramifications of emotional trauma during birth.

~We are partnering with the Quintessence Foundation to promote breastfeeding across Canada and around the world, and in particular involvement in the annual Breastfeeding Challenge.


Future Activities:

~create a survey to research mothers’ maternity care experiences with specific care providers, including interventions, levels of satisfaction with care, and postpartum experience.
~disseminate the maternity care survey results to the public through a searchable database.
~provide feedback and education for maternity care providers through the survey results.
~provide articles and information on research into best practices for maternity care.
~link to birth blogs providing information on physiological birth and best practices.
~highlight gaps in evidence for maternity care best practices.
~continue to provide a support network for mothers and an online community where mothers can post birth stories, birth videos, and birth photos.
~continue to recruit members in each province and territory to form local chapters which will coordinate maternity support groups, activities, and events.
~facilitate evidence-based, comprehensive prenatal education through the local chapters.
~create illustrations of birth for use by health professionals, child birth educators, and others that show mothers in optimal birth positions such as all fours, squatting, standing (not lithotomy).
~create an interactive forum for mothers and doulas, so mothers can get support in communicating with health care professionals.
~keep track of and publish cesarean rates for institutions and/or individual doctors
~involve the media when institutions refuse women VBACs or cause iatrogenic illness/injury
~send publications or representatives to physicians to educate them
~fund doulas/educators/midwives to perform inservices, guest speak to medical students and nursing students, etc.
~continue to expand and publish the Mothers of Change blog
~facilitate a pilot project for improving prenatal care through prenatal education and support groups
~facilitate The Language Project to create new, woman and baby centered language around maternity care.
~operate breastmilk banks

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